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Vendor Spotlight: VanezzaWithTwoZZs

Vendor Spotlight: VanezzaWithTwoZZs

VanezzaWithTwoZZs brings a fantastic mix of vintage & modern to freshen up your jewelry collection! Founded in 2012, the jewelry line VanezzaWithTwoZZs is the creation of indie crafter, Vanezza Van Buskirk. The two Zs in her name aren't the only unique thing about her. Her handmade creations are derived from new and vintage found pieces. 

All of VanezzaWithTwoZZs jewelry has been handcrafted with only the best found objects. Styles both old and new come together in every VanezzaWithTwoZZs piece to provide a statement item for years of enjoyment!

Materials: New, Thrifted, and Vintage
Location: Des Moines, IA
Years as a Pear Fair Vendor: 1

Instagram: @vanezzawithtwozzs